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120. Agent Groups

NXLog agent groups are used for agent management by grouping them using Agent tags. This chapter discusses the GUI configuration and management frontend provided by NXLog Manager.

120.1. Agent Groups

To list the available NXLog agent groups, click the Agent groups tab on the AGENTS page. A list of agent groups similar to the following appears:

The group list

This list contains the following information:

Group name

The group name is the unique name of a NXLog agent group. Clicking on the name will load the agents which are tagged by it.


This is the NXLog agent group detailed description.

On the bottom of the list there is a row of actions which can be used to manage the groups.

120.2. Agent List in a Group

On the tab Agent groups, click a group name in the Group name column. An agent list similar to the following appears:

The agent list

In the agent list there are additional actions which can be used to manage this group.

Delete group

Delete this group/tag.

Add agents

Add agents to this group.

To add agents to this group, click on the Add agents button. An Add agents dialog will appear:

Add agents dialog

Select the desired agents and click Add. The selected agents will be added to the list in this group.