This page lists some examples of my work.

NXLog User Guide

The NXLog User Guide is a comprehensive document about the NXLog log processor and related software.

Asciidoctor multipage extension

Asciidoctor is an open source text processor that can be used to generate HTML and other formats from AsciiDoc content. However, Asciidoctor’s HTML output is of limited use for very large documents because Asciidoctor does not currently support any kind of HTML output chunking. Instead, the entire document is generated on a single page.

To address this limitation, I wrote the asciidoctor-multipage extension. It adds support to Asciidoctor for HTML output chunking. This extension provides a variety of features that are particularly useful for very large documents. For more information, see the source repository on GitHub—where there is a detailed README—and the announcement on Asciidoctor issue #626.

For an example of this extension in use, see the NXLog User Guide. For an example of normal Asciidoctor HTML output without the extension, see the Asciidoctor User Manual.

Sound system documentation

I have experience with using and designing sound systems for speech reinforcement, and have written a variety of documents on this topic:

  • I wrote a detailed Sound System User Manual (PDF) to accompany a semi-portable sound system that I designed. This manual was written using LyX, a front-end for LaTeX. More information about the corresponding sound system can be found on the Design 1 page.
  • Later I designed another sound system and wrote three documents for it: an introductory page with general information, a Building Guide, and a User Guide.
  • The above documents are both part of a larger in-progress series of articles under Speech Reinforcement about designing professional audio systems for speech applications.

DNS Logging white paper

The Importance of DNS Logging in Enterprise Security is a white paper that provides detailed information about how the Domain Name System works, related security concerns, and DNS audit logging. The white paper includes references to publications by a variety of reputable organizations, such as the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, that have researched these new threats.

The official location for this white paper is https://nxlog.co/whitepapers/dns-logging.

Other portfolio items

  • I wrote a Procedures Policy Flowchart (PDF) for collections research agents to use, and maintained it as company policy evolved. This document was written as an accessible flow-chart-style reference for agents who were already familiar with the basic underlying procedures.
  • addbooktool is a syntax specification and application for validating and exporting contact information stored in a proprietary database.