Are you looking for an experienced technical writer specializing in software documentation?

I provide technical writing and consulting services to clients who need documentation written or maintained.

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What I do


User guides contain examples, screenshots, and explanations as required.


Reference manuals offer detailed information for advanced users or developers.


Technical articles are useful for publishing stand-alone information about a particular topic.


Style guides help maintain consistent style across documentation when multiple authors are contributing.


Generation systems automate the generation process and can be used for continuous integration (CI).


Any pre-existing content can be organized, edited, and included along with new documentation.

How I do it


Lightweight markup accelerates the writing process and eliminates vendor lock-in.


Version control streamlines collaboration and maintains a complete revision history.


Integration research may be required when documenting integrations with third-party products.


Content testing verifies the accuracy of old content or is part of the development process for new content.


Semantic markup allows documentation to be published in multiple formats from the same source.


A formal writing style emphasizes the quality of the documentation and conveys respect for the reader.

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Thanks for all your hard work. Your feedback and training have left the documentation team in a stronger position. Your work as a consultant has enabled [the new writer] to step into his new role as the lead. — Wayne Arendse, Project Manager

Owen has a deep and accurate insight into Technical Writing and the various underlying technologies and toolchains that support it. He is very precise, he has attention even for the smallest details, he is punctual and always the first person to rely on. — Tamás Burtics, Senior Technical Writer

I have worked in documentation in software companies prior and I have found Owen to be the best example of a technical writer and documentation steward. [We require] high quality documentation involving complex IT integrations, all aimed at a technical audience, and in the feedback that I have seen online from users and customers, they have also found value in it. — Hannah Suarez, Technical Evangelist & IT Security Consultant

Owen did an awesome job putting the documentation in shape. His skills, productivity and versatility are top notch. — Botond Botyanszki, NXLog Ltd. Founder

Owen has outstanding character traits, including honesty, humility and integrity to name a few. He is eager to learn and a hard worker, who understands current technology. I know he would be an asset to any company that needs a technical writer. — Charles Sterling, Technical Project Leader (PMP)

Particular features we liked were … fantastic documentation. — A software product user