You can build this system by following the instructions below.

Parts List

The following parts are necessary to build the rack part of the system:

For the custom 70V transformer boxes:

You will also need this cable and these screws:

These accessories are also necessary:

You probably already have:

Also consider the following (not tested):

Building the Main System

  1. Install the CyberPower power supply in the bottom space of the rack. Connect four power cables (for the other devices) to the first four (black) outlets on the rear.
  2. Open the DA-250FH amplifier and set the input sensitivity and high-pass filter jumpers. Input sensitivity should be set to -10 and the high pass filter should be set to ON. See page 13 of the manual. The three rear switches (near the inputs) should be OFF (out).
  3. Install the DA-250FH amplifier above the power supply, and connect the power cable.
  4. Install the dbx equalizer above the amplifier, and connect the power cable.
  5. On the rear of the M-633D mixer, switch all 6 input selector switches to LINE.
  6. Install the M-633D mixer above the equalizer, and connect the power cable.
  7. On the rear of the Revolabs receiver, switch all configuration DIP switches to the OFF (upward) position.
  8. Important: update the Revolabs firmware (base unit and all microphones) using the HD Control Panel software.
  9. Install the Revolabs receiver at the top space of the case and connect the power cable.
  10. Install 10 Neutrik D-size panel receptacles in rack panel:
    • XLR female (marked with F and has a PUSH release tab)
    • XLR male (marked with M)
    • speakON (twist connector)
    • XLR male
    • speakON
    • XLR male
    • speakON
    • XLR male
    • XLR male
    • speakON
    • (empty)
    • (empty)
  11. Cut cable to 60 cm (2 ft) lengths. You need:
    • 14 pieces of Belden 9451 and
    • 6 pieces of Wes Penn 25225B.


Building the Custom Transformer/Splitter Boxes