Nokia N900 Power Kernel

By: Owen T. Heisler
Updated: 2012-11-12


Extra kernel features are much easier to obtain on the Nokia N900 than the N810 because of the provided kernel-power packages. The kernel-power some special trickery required to obtain this special kernel and retain camera functionality for BlessN900 (or FCamera) because the stock camera software takes such poor pictures.

What happens here is that the kernel-power, kernel-power-flasher, blessn900, and the required fcam-drivers packages are installed from the extras-devel repository instead of the standard extras repository.


In short, the following versions seem to work:

  • kernel-power 1:2.6.28-10power48

  • fcam-drivers 1.0.7-2

  • blessn900 0.49-3


Here are slightly more verbose instructions:

  1. Start with the stock kernel, and blessn900, fcamera, and fcam-drivers packages uninstalled.

  2. Enable extras-devel repository

    Application manager / application catalogs (tap title bar) / New

    Name = extras-devel

    Web address =

    Distribution = fremantle

    Components = free non-free

    Save and wait for catalog updating

  3. Open a terminal; close all other applications

  4. Install the kernel-power package from the application manager

  5. Disable the extras-devel catalog

  6. Reboot

  7. Install blessn900 using this package:

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