Sound System Design 2 (for Small Groups)

By: Owen T. Heisler
Updated: 2017-03-14
Published: 2016-03-08


  • Small and portable amplifier with integrated speaker
  • At least 3 microphones, and at least 2 of those wireless
  • Cell phone interface for conference calls
  • Microphones with tailored frequency response for speech
  • Including accessories, eg. microphone stand and extension cords

The system

A picture of the back of the sound system with some accessories displayed

System With Accessories (Excluding Stand/Gooseneck/Clip)

The following parts make up the main unit:

  • TOA WA-1822 meeting amplifier
  • 2 WTU-4800 A01 tuners installed in the bottom left/right corners

These accessories are also necessary:

  • 2 WM-4220 A01 handheld microphones (or consider WM-4300 and WM-5320 lavalier)
  • Sennheiser e835 wired microphone
  • 1.5 ft XLR female to 1/4inch TRS/stereo cable: Monoprice 4767
  • 1.5 ft XLR male to 1/4 TS/mono cable: Markertek SC1.5XS
  • JK Audio BlueDriver-F3
  • 25 ft XLR microphone cable
  • microphone stand
  • Atlas Sound GN-13E 13 inch flexible microphone gooseneck
  • On-Stage Stands MY200 universal microphone clip
  • power cable
  • 15 ft extension cord


  • It would be better to replace the BlueDriver-F3 with a direct audio input. For more information, see Speech Reinforcement.

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