Owen T. Heisler

Last updated 2014-10-10

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I wrote a Python application addrcollector for collecting email addresses from email messages. Addresses can be added by sending a message on standard input or by adding on the command line. Addresses can be retrieved by using a keyword. Old addresses are automatically purged. See the usage output below.

addrcollector: Collect email addresses for later retrieval, or
      search the database of previously collected addresses.
        addrcollector.py --add ADDRESS [NAME]
        addrcollector.py --import
        addrcollector.py --search WORD...
        addrcollector.py --help
      Options, arguments, and commands:
        -a --add      Manually add an address.
        ADDRESS       Email address to add to database.
        NAME          Name to associate with email address (optional).
        -i --import   Import addresses from headers of one message via standard input.
        -s --search   Search database for addresses; multiple keys are ORed.
        WORD          Search key.
        -h --help     Usage help.

Requires: python3-docopt, python3-xdg

addrcollector.py script