Owen T. Heisler

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A picture of Owen I offer technical writing and consulting services, specializing in the field of software documentation. My work includes user guides, reference manuals, and marketing material such as white-papers. In particular, my services exist at the intersection between technical written content and uncompromising quality. Specific specialty skills include:

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How I can help you

Quality documentation is vital for the success of a product, because it is directly related to the experience of the user. However, easy-to-read documentation is not easy to write, especially when it is describing a complicated product or process.

Your documentation may: I can:
…not exist or not be comprehensive. …write new documentation or extend what you already have.
…use a markup or structure that is difficult to maintain and prevents collaboration. …convert the documentation source and improve the generation system. This can offer advantages such as collaboration via GitHub, automated publishing, and maintaining variants of the documentation without duplicating content.
…be fragmented; with multiple documents and various layouts, formats, and writing styles. …collate the documents, organize the content, remove any duplication, and edit to a consistent writing style.
…have been written from the perspective of the developer, including unnecessary technical details and omitting points that would be helpful to the reader. …rewrite the documentation with consideration for the user’s perspective.
…be incorrect, due to changes in the product as it has matured. For example, features may not work as the documentation indicates. …test your product and your documentation, fix errors in the documentation, and report usability or other issues to the development team.


Primary examples of my work:

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