Services Provided

About my work

I provide technical writing and consulting services to clients requiring high quality, detailed software documentation.

  • Document types include user guides, reference manuals, and technical articles.
  • Documentation content is developed and maintained using the documentation as code philosophy, using Git version control and providing the same features as modern development teams are using for code.
  • Lightweight markup (such as reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, and Markdown) simplifies editing and review of text content, allowing everyone involved to focus on the content.
  • Output generation systems are custom-built using actively maintained free and open source software—such as Pandoc, Asciidoctor, Docutils, Sphinx, etc.
  • All developed content meets or exceeds the highest industry standards and follows all applicable best practices and conventions.

For examples of my work, please see the Portfolio page.

How I can help you

Quality documentation is vital for the success of a product, because it is directly related to the experience of the user. However, easy-to-read documentation is not easy to write, especially when it is describing a complicated product or process.

Your documentation may:

I can:

✖ …not exist or not be comprehensive.

✔ …write new documentation or extend what you already have.

✖ …use a markup or structure that is difficult to maintain and prevents collaboration.

✔ …convert the documentation source and improve the generation system. This can offer advantages such as collaboration via GitHub, automated publishing, and maintaining variants of the documentation without duplicating content.

✖ …be fragmented; with multiple documents and various layouts, formats, and writing styles.

✔ …collate the documents, organize the content, remove any duplication, and edit to a consistent writing style.

✖ …have been written from the perspective of the developer, including unnecessary technical details and omitting points that would be helpful to the reader.

✔ …rewrite the documentation with consideration for the user’s perspective.

✖ …be incorrect, due to changes in the product as it has matured. For example, features may not work as the documentation indicates.

✔ …test your product and your documentation, fix errors in the documentation, and report usability or other issues to the development team.

There are many other ways that I have helped clients build excellent documentation. If you would like to discuss how I may be able to help you, please contact me.